Pludec Stones & Construction Sdn Bhd ( PSC ) was incorporated on 11 August 1983 and is the holder of Licence to Quarry and Remove Stone under Licence No.KD/QL/01/2011 for two parcels of unencumbered registered State land situated at Gunong Skunyit, Kranji, Bau containing a total area of 39.155 hectares.

PSC commenced operations in June 1996 and has rapidly established itself as a leading provider of quality quarry products. The quarry site, known locally as Bukit Skunyit, is situated at Lots 25 & 26 Block 11 Senggi Poak Land District, approximately two kilometres south-west of Batu Kitang with good accessibility by tar sealed road. Bukit Skunyit is composed of limestone/dolomite rising to 165 metres above sea level and is sparsely forested. Bare rock is exposed in areas of the hill. The site was selected after careful geological survey revealed the abundance and high quality raw material.

PSC presently supplies quarry products to various major construction projects including road works, oil palm plantation roads, marine engineering works such as sea wall revetments, shore protection works and dam construction and also aggregates for industrial applications. The latter includes use in ready-mixed concrete, asphalt premix and in the manufacturing of pre-cast concrete products

List of Quarry Products

Manufactured Sand ≤ 5 mm
10mm Chipping 3/8"   | 10mm
20mm Aggregates 3/4"   | 20mm
38mm DCR 1 1/2" | 38mm
50mm DCR 2"      | 50mm
75mm DCR 3"      | 75mm
Block Stones 6" - 9"
Block Stones 9" - 12"
Armour Rocks 24" - 28"
Armour Rocks 24" - 36"

By applying the latest Rock-on-Rock crushing technology we produce the ideal cubical shaped aggregates suitable for construction works.

Superior Cubic-shaped aggregates

Inferior Flake-shaped aggregates

The advantages of cubical aggregates are:
For concrete production:  reduced cement content For asphalt premix production:  reduced bitumen content
   higher concrete strength    enhanced premix qualities